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How to Choose a Home Painter

For most people, their home is the most valuable thing that they own.  However, for many people, they are unaware of how to best take care of the exterior of their home.  For many people, they are simply stuck with whatever the home had when they purchased the home.  Some people do try and get their home re-painted, but they just do not understand all of the ins and outs of what a paint job entails.  Our goal is to try and help you understand those basics on how to paint your home and what to do when choosing a house painter.

Painting your Home

House painters are a different breed. Yes, it’s really true.  Many are just high school dropouts that grabbed a paint brush and then started hawking their services.  Please, please don’t choose those guys.  Instead, try and take your time and find a painter that has a long track record of painting homes in your area.

Get References

You should get at least three – 3 – references from your potential home painter.  This way, you can go and contact those homeowners.  I suggest scheduling some time to talk to them.  Be sure that you get at least a couple of references from people that have had their home painted at least 7 years ago.  This way you can be assured that the home painter was diligent in using materials that can last as well as the knowledge on how to best prepare a home to keep the paint for a long period of time.  Many painters just slap on paint and hope that it lasts three to four years.  You don’t want that.  Instead, what you want is someone that spends extra time prepping the areas to be painted.  They scrape off all of the old paint, when possible.  Then they power wash all of the remaining loose debris to get rid of it.  You don’t want new paint sticking to old paint that is loose and ready to fall off.  Finally, you want the painting contractor to prime the bare wood so that the new paint can stick properly.  Also, a good painter will be sure to fill any holes that exist, whether by using a high quality caulk or by using wood filler.


A good home painter may seem like a unicorn or something else that is mythical.  However, we can assure you that this is not the case.  We know of a lot of good home painters.  These painters are conscientious people that have spent the time that is necessary to hone their craft.  They are willing to provide many good references so that you can go and check them out.  When talking to the references, be sure to find some that are older so that you can tell whether the paint job will last a long time and not just be a cover-up of existing problems.  Remember, a good painter will be sure to spend plenty of time preparing the area before painting, including such things as scraping off the old paint, filling holes and then priming before painting.